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Emily Steel at The Wall Street Journal has a pretty interesting and entertaining article about a grassroots movement afoot to eradicate the overuse of Microsoft’s Comic Sans font (You know Comic Sans, the font that Ashley from 4th grade always used on her papers, usually in purple or magenta), the brainchild of English graphic designer […]

So I was forwarded these videos from a buddy of mine, and was immediately blown away.  Apparently, they are clips from a forthcoming documentary, Playing for Change, that asked musicians worldwide to collaborate on songs from a remote location.  The filmmakers include everyone from street musicians to famous recording artists, and the results are pretty […]

Salon has a fascinating interview with Dave Cullen, a former writer for, well, Salon, and the author of the newly released book Columbine, which debunks some of the myths that permeated the aftermath of the massacre.  Chief among these is the myth of Harris and Klebold targeting Cassie Bernall because she admitted to being Christian, […]

Here’s a pretty cool Flickr find.  It’s a graffiti poem on an alley wall in downtown Kirksville, MO (home of my alma mater, Truman State University), a town known for nothing if not its aversion to graffiti “poetry”. I remember sitting in the sun exhausted we sang songs told stories and laid bricks we waited […]

Alright, so fueled by self-indulgence and delusions of grandeur, I’ve decided to start a little blog.  After some introspection, I’ve decided there’s very little that is truly unique about me, except for an uncanny ability to recall NBA JAM team pairings, and a completely non-ironic affinity for ’80s music and cheap beer.  I’m completely average […]