A World sans Comic Sans?



Emily Steel at The Wall Street Journal has a pretty interesting and entertaining article about a grassroots movement afoot to eradicate the overuse of Microsoft’s Comic Sans font (You know Comic Sans, the font that Ashley from 4th grade always used on her papers, usually in purple or magenta), the brainchild of English graphic designer Vincent Connare.

Mr. Connare has looked on, alternately amused and mortified, as Comic Sans has spread from a software project at Microsoft Corp. 15 years ago to grade-school fliers and holiday newsletters, Disney ads and Beanie Baby tags, business emails, street signs, Bibles, porn sites, gravestones and hospital posters about bowel cancer.

The font, a casual script designed to look like comic-book lettering, is the bane of graphic designers, other aesthetes and Internet geeks. It is a punch line: “Comic Sans walks into a bar, bartender says, ‘We don’t serve your type.'” On social-messaging site Twitter, complaints about the font pop up every minute or two. An online comic strip shows a gang kicking and swearing at Mr. Connare.

Definitely an interesting read if you get a chance–I had always been mildly annoyed by the font, but the Ban Comic Sans movement is taking this to another level.  Good luck fighting the good fight!


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